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Dunlopillo latex was invented by a Dunlop scientist, Mr EA Murphy in January 1929. Murphy was one of a group of research scientists working for Dunlop at Fort Dunlop in Birmingham. Dunlop had already staked its claim on the name Dunlopillo as it was registered in 1926 and it was the first foam ever manufactured. Today Dunlopillo offers a wide range of luxury mattresses and pillows. Today, the UK’s love of luxury latex beds and pillows continues to grow along with Dunlopillo’s sophisticated premium range.


Since 1893 the Smeaton family, the founders and owners of Healthbeds, have been helping people to enjoy a restful and healthier night’s sleep. A caring family business which spans four generations, our reputation has been built upon an unswerving commitment to quality, exacting standards and traditional craftsmanship. As members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen we value those traditional skills, passed down from generation to generation, which ensure that Healthbeds are traditionally made and expertly built.


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Myer's has a long and proud history dedicated to making comfortable beds dating back to 1876. While we still staying true to their heritage, they have taken the opportunity to embrace new technology by using the latest innovations and materials including the instant pressure relief of Dunlopillo Latex along with natural cotton and wool. Generations have enjoyed a restful night's sleep on Myer's beds as they continue to give excellent value for money coupled with a high level of quality - still manufactured at their factory at Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire.


Slumberland beds, mattresses and pillows are specially designed to meet your every need, with a wide range of different size, comfort and support options to match your own individual requirements. Using Slumberland’s fabric, fillings and own spring system combinations, they have crafted a collection that will enable you to enjoy a perfect night’s sleep, with all the support you need and all of the comfort you deserve. We know that we all have different needs from a bed, mattress or pillow and recommend that you visit one of our stockists to find the perfect Slumberland product for you.


In 1871 Hedley Chapman founded a mattress factory in Trowbridge, Wiltshire or to be more precise, he began to manufacture straw palliases at the very reasonable price of 3s6d a pair. He was a firm believer in quality and value for money and as a result the company went from strength to strength. In the early 1900's as mass produced mattresses became more sophisticated, so did the processes by which they were made and a programme of modernisation was introduced which ensured that the company was always at the forefront of technology.