Darlington Beds Showroom

With 100's of beds and mattresses on display we are confident that we can find any type of mattress or bed to suit any need. Our dedicated tem od sales staff are expertly trained to help guide you through the myriad of different options available to you on the market. So before choosing a new bed or mattress come and talk to the experts. 

Finding the correct bed or mattress that provides the ultimate comfort and perfect support is no easy feat. However with our numerous years of experience, our substantial range of quality brands and our highly trained sales staff we feel confident in being able to guide you to the correct choice.

With an average of 8 hours a night spent in bed its obviously a major decision in choosing the correct bed or mattress that suits your needs. With such an important decision why not speak to the experts? With over 36 years of experience and a range of beds from all the leading quality brands we are confident that we can guide you to make the right choice.

Not all beds are made equal. Although many beds may look the same in a picture they are rarely the same. Differences in quality can often be attributed to filling qualities, tailoring practices, ticking quality (the cover of the bed) and even spring types. So why buy a bed before you try it? After all a bed is a major purchase, that will have a serious impact on your quality of life for a significant amount of time. So instead of making a mistake, come and talk to the experts first and find your perfect night’s sleep.

Our free customer car parking at both the front and rear of the showroom alllows for a quick and hassle free visit to choose your perfect bed.