Dunlopillo, Bed Mattresses

Dunlopillo latex was invented by a Dunlop scientist, Mr EA Murphy in January 1929. Murphy was one of a group of research scientists working for Dunlop at Fort Dunlop in Birmingham. Dunlop had already staked its claim on the name Dunlopillo as it was registered in 1926 and it was the first foam ever manufactured. Today Dunlopillo offers a wide range of luxury mattresses and pillows. Today, the UK’s love of luxury latex beds and pillows continues to grow along with Dunlopillo’s sophisticated premium range. From the Classic range to the Harmonize range or even the new TempSmart™ range all provide excellent performance with that Dunlopillo natural latex support. At the Darlington Bedding Centre we stock a wide range of Dunlopillo beds and pillow ranges. Please contact us to find out exactly what exciting new models and ranges we have displayed in our showroom at the moment.